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ICE Automate


Business Need


Equipment OEMs continuously invest in R&D and brings out new products that solve unique technology problems within the semiconductor manufacturing industry. It is important for the equipment OEM to take the product to the market at the right time, to stay ahead of competition.



ICE AutoMate is an award winning (Semiconductor International Magazine) equipment automation software framework that caters to all the automation needs of the OEMs helping them to take their equipment from Lab-to-Fab with reduced development cycle time. ICE AutoMate is

  • Designed for maximum configurability and flexibility
  • Ease of integration with extensive SDK
  • In-built simulation covering normal and abnormal operational scenarios testing
  • Full compliance to relevant SEMI standards (200mm, 300mm, TOS, InterfaceA)

Business Impact


With ICE AutoMate being used by OEMs across all geographies and deployed at major fabs around the world, our solution enables the OEMs to breeze through fab acceptance tests. It enables them to control costs as only per tool license charges are incurred further to integrating the solution.

Proven Solution


ICE AutoMate has automated various kinds of manufacturing equipment including Furnace, Wet bench, Dry Etch, PVD, CVD, ALD, Ion Implant, Inspection, Metrology, Sorter, etc. ICE AutoMate is currently deployed at all major fabs around the world.