• Strength & Impact

    rigging it right

    Given our long standing experience in mission critical industries, you can absolutely rely on us for high quality deliverables to meet industry regulations and avoid huge penalties.

  • Strength & Impact

    rapid and reliable

    Be it mechanical or electronics, our engineering solutions crunch your cycle time. See how we cut 90% cycle time for impellers.

  • Strength & Impact

    capex collapse?

    Shoestring opex budgets eating into your engineering capex? We take on product, process, project, production and operation improvement to deliver cost optimization.

Steve Gerber

We help our customers burn their backlog by taking on their sustaining load allowing them more time to focus on core NPI and further their market share.

  • You are part of the chain of supply of creating technology for world companies.


Our engineering solutions span drilling & evaluation, completions & production, wireline logging, aftermarket operations, hydraulic fracturing, etc,.


We extend midstream engineering support  for pipelines, booster stations, compressor stations, slug catchers, to mention a few. 


Our downstream solutions include services for refinery, petrochemical and oil terminals.