• Strength & Impact

    eclectic expertise

    With our expertise along the entire semiconductor value chain, from chip design to factory automation, we deliver solutions that keep you ahead of your competition.

  • Strength & Impact

    pace up production

    Our engineering solutions for industries hasten your production thereby shrinking the time to market for you. We redesigned a battery manufacturing equipment to expedite production by 35%.

  • Strength & Impact

    protocols speak

    While Internet of Things (IoT) unleashes limitless interactivity of every device through cloud and mobility, we enable your devices talk seamlessly, crossing platform boundaries.

Joe Barnes

We fully understand the need for today’s industrial and hi-tech manufacturing companies to shrink their time to market, reduce costs and innovate products for emerging markets.

  • QuEST has been actively supporting multiple lines of our software products in component, wafer and photovoltaic inspection business units. Their capabilities in vision application design and development, image processing and test automation are top class.


Our vast domain knowledge and protocol testing skills enable us to offer end-to-end solutions across the entire product development lifecycle.


With domain aligned engineering skills and experience in various market verticals, we are uniquely positioned to help you keep pace with market needs and control R&D costs.