• Our cultural values stem from a humble origin and our hunger to learn more has established our growth story. While our passion for engineering continues to soar, we stay grounded and focused to be a great place to work and a trusted partner to our customers. As Questians, we continue to learn, improve and grow.

  • The uniqueness of our workforce is the diversity it represents. Our engineers hail from different corners of the world specializing in their respective domains from Aerospace to Medical Devices delivering an array of mechatronic services and solutions across the engineering life cycle. With generations ranging from Baby Boomers to Millennials, we have a good mix of age groups who indulge in mentoring and reverse-mentoring sharing valuable lessons, experiences and trending subjects. Our diversity brings to the table ideas, innovations, and experiences that strengthen our capabilities and reach.

Rewards & Recognition
  • The extra step taken beyond and above the call of duty hardly goes unnoticed. Questians who make a difference with their passion, dedication and contribution are recognized and appreciated ceremoniously. We believe that a pat on the back does more than a motivational speech.

Fun at Work
  • While passion plays an important role at work, we also indulge in activities that help us relax and recharge. Festive get-togethers, holiday celebrations, sports & socials or just a day out with colleagues and families, Questians participate in fun and rejuvenating exercises.

  • In our endeavor to support education, we have initiated many steady programs and projects that cater to students of our adopted schools in India. Our CSR philosophy of Engineering Positive Change through Education is employee driven. Likewise, across the globe, our employees indulge in CSR initiatives that make a difference to the community.