Engineers of Quest Global – Sindhu’s Story

My passion for solving the hardest engineering problems ironically started by being surrounded by doctors. Hi,

My 17 year Born to Engineer Journey with QuEST

The ups, downs and everything in-between – Karthikeyan Munusamy   My journey at QuEST started after

“Maligre’s Kiran wants to be an Engineer” Lokmat, 2004

For all those who don’t know, Maligre is a remote small village in Maharashtra, India. But for me, it was my e

It is always the smallest things that spark our inspiration – Ömer SAFAK

I’ve always been told that I was an extremely curious child and would disassemble whatever toy or furnit

As long as the engine rotates, my passion and #BornToEngineer journey will be alive – Rohit Kumar

Ever since I was a boy, I used to sit and watch birds fly outside my window. One day, a documentary was playin

We are all Equals and Born to Engineer! – Sharnee Kaul

I was probably around 7 or 8 years old when I first saw my father’s aeronautical engineering textbooks;